This is why I call it "ModelPart", because the parent/child relation is alike but not always so. It's "part" of a whole (its owner), but not necessarily a child.

Also the relation is of aggregation, the lifetime of the part is, as much, as long as the lifetime of its owner.

I.e. an InvoiceIem is part of an Invoice but won't exist if the invoice is deleted.


El abr. 30, 2017 12:10 PM, "Stephan Eggermont" <> escribiĆ³:
On 29/04/17 14:40, Diego Lont wrote:
Good point. When no one objects I will rename QCParentObject into QCChildObject.

Hmm. Aren't they all children? Isn't the more important aspect ownership? Let's iterate over the name some more.


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