hi have  Pharo1.4  image ( Latest update: #14445)

where i load  the ConfigurationOfPier3AddOns 3.0.3.  

I have a server where run Lighttpd server configured to manage *Selection*  directory.

Now i'm interested with the Pier Admin environment and the relative image options editor

 to load the files on the server at one specific *Selection* subdirectory.

In the Pharo image i setup the MAExternalFileModel  with

  self baseDirectory: 'Selection'.
self baseUrl: ''.     ( this is redirect to the server )

But i see what  PRFileUploadWysiwygEditor    work with NAExternalFile

I need to setup the 


relative to the myapplication-admin    or  myapplication   config ?

Anyone test this setup?

Thank, for any consideration.