I'm getting trouble to connect to a remote image using RealVNC. I get a "Connection time out" error message.

The configuration is:
- PharoCore1.0rc1 (Latest update: #10505)
+ Seaside 3
+ Pier 2
+ RFB-lr.13 from http://source.lukas-renggli.ch/unsorted/

I successfully launch RFBServer thanks to Seaside VNC Controller, and Pier continues serving in spite of that connection failure.

However, I tried to connect to a local image using "localhost:0", but I get "Unknown rect encoding". If I ask RealVNC to retry connecting, my image freezes. Its the same after upgrading to *RFB-DamienCassou.28*.

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback on this issue.
Thank you in advance,