Hi folks. I know that in Swiki or pier you can declare in somewhere of a page something like @something  and then, in another page you can do a link to that page@something  and this will put a link to that page and with focus where you put the @.

Now, most of the time I do this, I put the @something in a title (using ! or !! or !!!). So, the question is, what do you think in automatically generate this ?

Suppose I have this page called home:


@This is a particular title
!This is a particular title
this is ....

And then, I have to do (from other page) this:    *home@This is a particular title*

So, what I wonder is if it is possible to automatically do this for the titles. So, if you use ! or !! or !!! you don't have to add the @This is a particular title  

what do you think ? is it easy to do?  and disadvantage I am not seeing?