Hi all,

I've been testing Pier2 using the One-Click image, but i would like to be able to run it using the PharoCore 1.2 download.

I've evaluated the following code (as it appears in the ConfigurationOfSeaside>>workspace comments):

Gofer new
        squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
        package: 'ConfigurationOfSeaside';

(ConfigurationOfSeaside project version: '1.0.7')
    load: #('Seaside 3.0' 'Magritte2 Tests' 'Pier2 Tests' 'Pier2 AddOns').

Then I start the Seaside server with:

(Smalltalk at: #WAKom) startOn: 8080.

The Seaside responds successfully in the 8080 port but the pier application is not configured, how should I configure it?

Thank you,

Rafael Luque