i have a development site based on Pier3 run on Gemstone environment ( ).

The server is based on Ubuntu server 10.04 LTS.

Now i do some performance test and the site answer at public web request.

Yesterday and today  i have found some page change from ??? one hacker ???

One attached   page changes   report:

Structure Command Date Time User
/missione Edit 01/10/2013 6:40:55 open

/missione Edit 01/09/2013 21:8:20 open

where i note  the user is not set.

The pier is created  from  PRDistribution subclass where the creation instance do:

self rootPage enumerator with; all; do: [ :each | each outgoingReferences do: [ :link | (link isKindOf: PRInternalLink) ifTrue: [ link target: nil ] ]. each securityDecoration owner: self kernel users anyOne. each securityDecoration group: self kernel groups anyOne ].

The Pier user name and password are change by default.

The Gemstone DataCurator password is change.

Someone considerations about it?