Stephan , I solved this specific problem doing this.

QCGroupedFormRenderer renderControl:id: is used.
renderContentOn:ajaxScript: and then renderEditorOn:ajaxScript; and renderInputOn:ajaxScript: are in the message chain .

What i did was create renderInputOn:ajaxScript: into MAJQDateInputComponent

renderInputOn: html ajaxScript: aScript
    self renderInputOn: html.

It works very well now.

I am newbie to develop Seaside , Magritte and QCMagritte apps then i hope everyone express their opinion about this workaround.


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Asunto: Re: QCMagritte and MAJQDateInputComponent

If I add it to a QCTutorial (and make it editable), it works for me. On the QCTutorialModel it doesn't.
It needs some css though.


On Sep 11, 2014, at 0:36 , Pablo R. Digonzelli wrote:

^ MADateDescription new
    priority: 200;
    beRequired ;
    label: 'Vencimiento';
    accessor: #vencimiento;
    default: ( Date today + 30 ) ;
    componentClass: MAJQDateInputComponent ;
    comment: 'Fecha de vencimiento de la lista de precios';

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