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minimal changes out of the box (not even running under Apache).  I had a
"Log in" link on the page at one point, made the attempt with no errors
reported, and was unable to edit anything.  I think I'm missing a major
concept somehow.

The default username/password of Pier is admin/pier.

I have now achieved login, can't figure out what was happening before,
and may never.  Next, ...

Can anyone suggest what major item I've probably forgotten about Seaside?

The basics on Pier are documented here: http://www.piercms.com/doc.

Let us know if you have further questions.

Thanks very much.  I'll try to make at least marginal sense.

I want to make a random change on the page, for no other reason than
to see that I can have some effect.  So, the way to do that is... Turn
on Halos, I think, and then... OK, in a halo there are icons for Class
Browser, Object Inspector, and CSS Style Editor.  And also a pair of
letters, R-ender and S-ource.  I can edit the behavior of classes, but
if I want to change the color of one of the text objects, how do I do
that?  If I want to change the text itself, how do I do that?

After you are logged in, commands show up on the bottom of the page. (Where the Login link was, NOT the halos toolbar)

Click "Edit" to edit the page.
Click "Remove" to remove it.
Click "Add" to add a sub-page or a file or one of the many components available.
Click "Edit design" to change the CSS or the layout of the page structure.
Play with it, don't be afraid. the thing to understand is that you are not really writing any seaside code at this point. You are managing content.

OK, hard things are easy and easy things are hard.  The tools seem to
address issues of much greater complexity than I'm able to think about
yet.  And I don't see the corresponding tools for doing anything
dead simple.  And I have a feeling I'm staring blindly right at it.

See above.

Seaside manual maybe?  Any section in particular?  What I'm trying to
do should be the easy stuff, I would have thought.

I thank you in advance for your help.

Hope this helped


Lukas Renggli

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Magritte, Pier and Related Tools ...