Ciao Dale, thanks.

have no great experience in managing this type of updates.
I had some considerations.

I've looked at this a bit closer and I notice that you are referencing the magritte-metamodel/magritte[1] and that project has not been ported to GLASS yet ... A quick way to tell if a particular project has been ported to GLASS is to look at the .travis.yml[2] file and check to see if there are any GemStone versions being tested.


The GsDevKit/Magrite3[3] was ported to GLASS and the test ran cleanly as of 3 years ago[4]. The project hasn't been updated to SmalltalkCI and the last version tested was GemStone 3.3.1[5]. I just triggered a new build to see where the project stands today[6] - the travis run passed for GemStone 3.2.15 and 3.3.1 ...

Moving forward, I would think the best bet would be to port the magritte-metamodel/magritte project to GLASS and GemStone 3.2.17, 3.3.9, and 3.3.9 ... I assume that Magritte has changed from the point where I forked Magritte 3.3.0 back in December of 2015 ...

From the release history[7] of GsDevKit/Magritte3, it looks like I ported 3.2.0, 3.3.0, 3.3.1, 3.3.2, and 3.4.2. the master branch is 3.4.2. I also got a start on 3.5.0, but didn't finish the port to the point where I merged to master ...

I would think that updating GsDevKit/Magritte3 3.4.2 to support smalltalkCI and GemStone 3.4.3, would be pretty straightforward ...

I have no idea about it...... how should I proceed?

The release history of magritte-metamodel/magritte[8] indicates that 3.5.4 was released in January of this year ... I've launched another GsDevKit/Magritte3 travis run for branch version_350[9] to see what the state of the GLASS Magritte3.5.0 port is ...

It lools like the Magritte 3.5.0 test[9] passes so it is likely that we'll be able to merge the GsDevKit/Magritte3 work into the magritte-metamodel/magritte project ...

I don't have full time to commit to doing this work, but barring any major surprises between Magritte 3.5.0 and  Magritte 3.5.4 and later, it should only take a week or so of elapsed time for me to do the port ... if there are significant changes then all bets are off ...

But what do you mean? That you can port   ( the GsDevKit/Magritte3 work into the magritte-metamodel/magritte project )  within a week?

If Magritte 3.5.0 is suitable for your needs, then it is worth considering switching GsDevKit/Magritte3 to use smalltalkCI and add GemStone 3.4.3 to the lineup ..

..... ?
Only reference that I have and that in Pharo 7.0.3 I have loaded magritte-metamodel/magritte project  ( commit c8a8cd5 )

If you need/want the features available on the master branch of magritte-metamodel/magritte, then porting the GsDevKit/Magritte3 to magritte-metamodel/magritte is the best route to go ..

But what can i do about it?

What setup and what operations should I do in this regard?


P.S. On the github repository    SeasideSt  magritte-metamodel/magritte and GsDevKit/Magritte3, 

 the  repository insights graphs menu options    sometime display the network link sometime not.
Because these are private repository?



On 4/29/19 3:24 AM, wrote:

i have a development system based on Pharo 7.0.3.

On it the 26 April i do :

Metacello new
It load: Seaside v3.3.3 commit c985986

Metacello new
It load Magritte  commit c8a8cd5
and everything seems to work well.

Now i some test to load the same project on Gemstone 3.4.3
The Seaside with:
GsDeployer deploy: [
  Metacello new
    baseline: 'Seaside3';
    repository: 'github://SeasideSt/Seaside:master/repository';
     onLock: [:ex | ex honor];
     load ].

It load: Seaside v3.3.3 commit c985986   ( like above )

The Magritte with:
GsDeployer deploy: [
  Metacello new
    baseline: 'Magritte';
    repository: 'github://Magritte-metamodel/Magritte:master/source';
    onLock: [:ex | ex honor];
    load ].

A this point the system open a dialog with the error:

Could not resolve: Magritte-Merging [Magritte-Merging] in cache github://Magritte-metamodel/Magritte:master/source (4)

and the Seaside project entry is update to v3.2.4  commit 1f39762

Considerations ?



P.S. Today i do the command to load  Magritte on a new Pharo 7.0.3 image

The system open a dialog with: 
MetacelloConflictingProjectError: Load Conflict between existing BaselineOfGrease [baseline] from github://SeasideSt/Grease:master/repository and BaselineOfGrease [baseline] from github://SeasideSt/Grease:1.3.5/repository

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Magritte, Pier and Related Tools ...