I've checked in the changes. There were only a couple of tests that needed modifying, they acted as base tests for derived classes and made the number of test failures seem large. If I've missed something I'm happy to roll-back:

Name: Pier-Model-NickAger.411
Author: NickAger
Time: 18 July 2011, 10:47:33 pm
UUID: d23e8ad0-6e18-4f69-a7fc-7399a8493379
Ancestors: Pier-Model-NickAger.410

modified the way markup is escaped, so that:

'@@' is now escaped as: '\@\@' rather than as previously: '\@@'

Name: Pier-Tests-Model-NickAger.23
Author: NickAger
Time: 18 July 2011, 10:44:42 pm
UUID: d6cb4015-84c6-45c1-8daa-6f3357f63d92
Ancestors: Pier-Tests-Model-NickAger.22, Pier-Tests-Model-lr.21

modified tests to reflect changes in escaped markup:

'@@'  => '\@\@'