In jstree dev site ( there is a stable 1.0 version, that is using jquery v1.7.2 ( I updated JSTreeFileLibrary>>jqueryjstreeJs with 1.0 version in my image, but now the tree is not rendered hehe. Tomorrow I will take a look to try see what happens.


2012/5/24 Gastón Dall' Oglio <>

Someone fix this?

If I back to JQuery-Core-lr.120 I get this error message "MessageNotUnderstood: JQueryInstance>>on:selector:do:" originated in PRAdminUI>>renderIFrameViewOn:

I looked at example page's source ( and this is using jQuery v1.6.1 (


2012/4/12 Nick Ager <>
Hi Nikolay,

Thanks for reporting that - I hadn't noticed. I'll a little busy at the moment - but I'll try to look into it this weekend



On 12 April 2012 07:42, Nikolay Suslov <> wrote:

The context menu never loads on right mouse click on nested structure titles in Pier3 admin UI.
There was no problem with the previous version of jQuery 1.6.2 (JQuery-Core-lr.120).

Does anybody has the same observation? What could be wrong?


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