Thanks for the feedback, Diego. I'm glad you found it promising. Any improvements are definitely welcome...

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Hi Sean,

Thank you for your efforts. I agree this is a pain point. I see that you have modified the implementation of string writer to implement you solution, that allows all normal functionality to function. So this is good.

To make it more in the style of Magritte, as I understand it,
        > display uses a local variable instead of using a property. Accessing this property should return a default value that can be class dependent. This also makes the initialization code redundant.
        > display now only takes a block, it would be nicer if it also would allow for symbols (as a simple accessor).

If you want me to try and make these improvements, I probably have time for this on Friday.


On Sep 29, 2013, at 10:11 PM, Sean P. DeNigris wrote:

> Per a recent thread, I added #display: aBlock to MAElementDescription, so you
> can now say e.g.
>    MAFileDescription new
>        accessor: accessor;
>        label: 'Attachment';
> defaultDirectory: attachmentFolder;
> display: [ :e | e basename ];
> kind: AbstractFileReference;
>        priority: 300;
>        yourself.
> I tried not to subvert the design of Magritte, but had to dig pretty deep to
> find a place where the right objects were able to communicate.
> MAStringWriter>>#visitStringDescription: sends #displayStringFor: to the
> description to convert the object into a string. The default is still to
> send it #greaseString.
> If someone could load the bleeding edge packages and review the design I'd
> appreciate it. It's worked so far in my projects and with some hand testing.
> Thanks.
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> Cheers,
> Sean
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