On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 4:06 AM, Lukas Renggli <renggli@gmail.com> wrote:
> Similar to this, I have another problem. Suppose finalUser group doesn't
> have view permission (recursively) in /xxx/_System Management  but have
> permission for adding a PRPostWithAuthentication. When a final user goes to
> add a Post, in the enchantments editor it has the "Link" and "embedded"
> options and the links they show, are ALL. Not just the links the user have
> view permission. Is this correct? If this is true, how can I modify it ?

That's a bug. Thanks for pointing out. This is fixed in:

You are welcome.

Name: Pier-EditorEnh-lr.48
Author: lr
Time: 5 May 2009, 9:05:28 am
UUID: 49418291-6470-4a75-a9f0-dd9cb1cc58dd
Ancestors: Pier-EditorEnh-lr.47

Now it works perfect. However I needed to update some other package. I don't know which one, because I was having a walkback and because of that I updated other packages (pier and magritte). And then It worked perfect.

Thanks for the fix!



- don't display links without view permission


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