Am 31.10.2018 um 21:44 schrieb Tudor Girba:

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback.

The web site looks nice and clean. I quickly glanced over the features and decided that I want to install Moose.

To do this, I had to download and install Pharo, which worked well.

Then, the instructions on the web site say "Execute the following code in a Pharo 7.0 image". Luckily, from past experience, I know that this probably means to open the Playground and execute the code there. I did so.

For the last 15 minutes or so I have been watching the following screeen flicker:

The "Loading baseline" boxes come and go, and they make the screen very nervous. They have these red X buttons at the right, but since these buttons constantly jump around on the screen, I have no realistic chance of clicking on them.

As I said, the screen flickered for 15 minutes. In my opinion it is mandatory to give the user at least an estimate as to how long they still have to wait. Without this estimate, I'm left clueless, which feels bad.

Also, during these 15 minutes, the screen often freezes so that clicking or typing doesn't lead to an immediate response. This also feels bad.

The installation instructions on the web site should give a rough estimate as to how long a typical installation takes, so that I can decide beforehands whether I want to invest the time.

I have no idea about how long this installation will still take, so I'm cancelling it now.