Thanks Benoit. 
I will read it. 

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Hello moose developer!

First of all, thanks for the little meeting at Esug19!

One of the point during the meeting was: do we have documentation about the new features introduced in moose?
The answer is: YES!

It's still work in progress (as the work on Moose 8).
I'm trying to create a moose-wiki (as
You can find it here: (web version) and here: (github version).

Most of the documentation come from themoosebook and and part of the documentation are new.

I'm also trying to collect all the famix parsers (to create mse files) we have and the meta-models.
I think we can also create links to great moose-projects (not directly in a moose image but you can load it in moose (like FAST)).
I also create linked to blog posts that describes the protocol to analyze projects with moose (as
If you have one, please send me an email ;-)

Benoît Verhaeghe
PHD student at: RMoD - Inria Lille - Nord Europe
R&D developer at Berger-Levrault - France
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