Hello Chris,

Indeed, the readme lacks some step descriptions.
There is a fork and a branch of the project where the readme has been updated and is more complete: https://github.com/jecisc/VerveineC-Cpp/tree/readmeUpdate
(I guess it should be pushed to the main page).

I followed this readme some times ago and succeeded to build VerveineC plugin and run it without too much issues.
I did not faced the "Ant issue".

Regarding the .sh script, I think it used to be located in a "verveine-launcher" folder, available from the github repo.
But as you, I can not find it from the main project page currently.
However, I see this folder is available from the above fork: https://github.com/jecisc/VerveineC-Cpp/tree/readmeUpdate/verveine-launcher

Note: The last version of the project is actually located in the "noLogger" branch (https://github.com/Synectique/VerveineC-Cpp/tree/noLogger)
Maybe it should be merged to the Master branch

2018-04-19 0:18 GMT+02:00 Cris Fuhrman <fuhrmanator@gmail.com>:

I'm also a relative newbie, but was wanting to try Moose with C++ for a while. So, following the readme at https://github.com/Synectique/VerveineC-Cpp I managed to get the plug-in to build and appear in Eclipse Mars 2 (I had to restart eclipse several times) in Windows 10 and the latest Java 1.8, but with a disclaimer that I didn't manage to run it yet. 

Some things that weren't explicit:
  • I had to install CDT (C / C++) in Eclipse
  • I had to download Apache Ant and point Eclipse to it (there was a problem with the Ant that came by default, perhaps it's a Java 8 problem?)
  • I could not find a "verveineC.sh" shell script as stated in the readme.md so didn't know how to run it.
At this point, I think it's runnable, but couldn't see a way to do it. I couldn't find even a .sh script in the github repo...


C. Fuhrman

On Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 10:20 AM, smallglt <gltmailbox-smalltalk@yahoo.com> wrote:
I'm totally new to Moose (and effectively new to Smalltalk) and need a
pointer or two on analyzing an old application that was developed in Visual
C++ 2006. I have the complete sources, including the Visual Studio project
files, resource files, etc.

I've already got Pharo and Moose installed on my Windows system and have
been able to get the Moose playground to run, but that's about it. So far I
don't know how to get Moose to do anything else.

My initial goal is just to get this source code "loaded" into Moose.

I've seen references to VerveineC-Cpp and Famix-C but no explanation of how
to use either one.

I haven't had an opportunity yet to try VerveineC-Cpp on Windows 10 at my

On my personal Mac (i.e. not on the office system where I actually need to
do this work) I installed Eclipse Oxygen and tried to follow the very
limited directions to install VerveineC-Cpp, but Eclipse complains about the
build path.

Maybe Eclipse Mars is needed instead of Jupiter? It also looks like I might
need to use the old, deprecated Java V1.7 for MacOS, instead of a current
version of Java? (Hopefully I won't need an older version of MacOS. I'm
running Sierra V10.12 with all updates as of this writing.)

Maybe that would all be more straightforward somehow on Windows?

(I also have Linux at work, if that would be any easier.)

As for Famix-C, I see that it appears to be "built in" to the Moose
environment that I installed at work and at home. But I don't know how to
make it do anything.

I greatly appreciate any hints or suggestions. I'm very eager to begin using
Moose and to (re)learn Smalltalk, especially in the Pharo environment which
looks really fascinating.

(Trivia: Back in the early 1990's or thereabouts, while taking a graduate
course in operating system design, I learned enough Smalltalk to get me
started on writing an emulator for the simple machine specification the
professor gave us. But a single academic quarter, roughly three months, just
wasn't enough time to both learn a totally new, object oriented programming
paradigm /and/ use it to complete such a program, while also holding down a
full time job and leading a regular life. :-)  But I did write a good paper
explaining my ideas and how far I'd actually been able to carry them. The
professor was understanding, liked my concept, and I managed to get a B+
grade for the course.)

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