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This is cool. We are about the release a first version of Moose based on new traits composition and meta-model builder. 
The plan is for end of June with doc. There will be a famix compatible model. 
We are brainstorming (and it looks ***really*** promising) to gain space based on slots. 
So traits + slots can really make a difference for the size and flexibility of models.


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We are happy to announce roslyn2famix, a C# importer. It is based on Roslyn, and was mainly developed by George Ganea. It is released under Apache 2.0, the same license as Roslyn:

The importer has a structure similar to the one of jdt2famix, including a Fame implementation in C#, and FAMIX code generated out of the Moose code. We also have a few CSharp specific entities that are already present in Moose-CSharp.

The importer takes as input a C# solution (.sln), and produces an MSE file that can be loaded in the latest Moose.

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