On 30/03/17 16:15, Nicolas Anquetil wrote:
> "very close" seems a bit optimistic. For example, it will take some > time for windows yet The problem is that Synectique is already > having difficulties right now and is looking for shorter term > solution(s)

Short term would mean run a 64-bit linux in a vm or with a remote desktop.

>> As the VM uses only one native thread and 8-thread machines are >> everywhere, the best speed-up should be expected from splitting >> the model over multiple pharo images, and possibly over multiple >> machines. >> > interesting idea, I am having some difficult seeing how to split a > model in several parts that would have to link somehow one to the > other. Do you have any further thoughts on this point?

Splitting a model is indeed the interesting aspect. Either do it automatic
based on usage, or use a heuristic.
The navigation can be made distribution-aware to avoid doing
only network-calls. Easiest is to make a hierarchical model that fits well
with the subject, e.g. package-based. So everything inside the package is
guaranteed to be in the image for some set of packages, and everything
else is remote pointer. If you have enough images, you can have different
combinations of packages in different images, and some mechanism to
determine if you received a full answer yet.