To whom does not know, FOSDEM is one of the biggest Open source conferences. It is free, it does not require subscription, and it happens during a weekend (1 and 2 february) at bruxelles at the university ULB ( . It requires some human engagement only.
This is a good place not only for Pharo, but for all open source projects Smalltalk related. And finally for smalltalk it self.

On the available rooms where we could show something

IOT ( )
   Allex? maybe you can show some of the things we are doing here?
   Mariano Peck? I don't know if your IOT work is or not open source. But if it is. it could be a good place for showing

BigData (
     I could propose the EQL experiment with Map reduce? Is it a good Idea? .
     Matteo You could present something on debugging nodes.
     Oleks I remember you had some big data related stuff (sorry for the lack of detail awareness :) )

 Communication ( )
    Offray! I think there is space for graphoscope in here. If you can give a talk, great, if not, i propose my self to be the speaker (of course in that case i will need some couching and teaching on the usage).
 Debugging Tools
     Matteo! you could also propose your work in here
     Steven  You have already a talk prepared no?
     Thomas You have already a talk prepared no?
     Guille  I know you are completely out of reach, but, what about your debugging multi level for the VM? If you want we can propose it together with Pablo.

  Minimalistic / Emerging Language
      Steph with Pharo  
      Carolina The bootstraping for minimallistic language is a good talk and it would not require much preparation since you have already a talk prepared
      Steph/Pablo maybe something on stateful traits?   
   Open research tools
       Anne/Nico/Cyril/Julian/Benoit Moose? We have to have a talk on moose. Or even many. We could propose moose as platform, but i think it would be better to present it by it fruits. The same as before, i would not mind to give the presentation if couching and slides are provided.
       Serge PolyMath??
       Nick  Lands! Such a beatiful project. Not sure if it completely fit in here. I think so. Sorry if not :).

On the pharo stand

I am doing what is required to have a stand for Pharo this year.
I will keep you updated, if we got it, i would really like to have posters not only of Pharo, but also of our more stable and powerful frameworks, the research teams and enterprises that work with it . And of course I will need some help for the stand (specially if it happens that i have some talk)

Maybe we could use this thread for discussing organization and a second one to gather abstracts and applications.


El mar., 29 oct. 2019 a las 9:29, Santiago Bragagnolo (<>) escribió:
I could present TaskIT of course, but i don't feel it matching in the proposed categories. There is not debugging, nor emerging minimalist language nor research tools. I will check on the other rooms to see if i find a place where i can do it.

El lun., 28 oct. 2019 a las 21:00, ducasse (<>) escribió:

On 28 Oct 2019, at 18:15, Santiago Bragagnolo <> wrote:

That is great. We should post in all of them if possible.
I think that Steven could show object centric debugging, someone (anne maybe? ) present moose. and for minimalistic experimental emerging languages carolina could propose candle and the bootstrap processes.
I think that Steven and Carolina talks are mature enough after all the trials, and a moose talk could be really cool. Maybe Julien's SQL or Benoit's translations should be really good for catching potential students and specially some investment capital for the team :).

Sadly me i don't have much to show :(.
But if we have the stand i plan to be there.

I could do a presentation of Pharo in the minimalist…. and carolina a talk showing how to bootstrap.

El lun., 28 oct. 2019 a las 16:41, ducasse (<>) escribió:
I do not know in which one we want to participate 

Debugging Tools
Minimalistic, Experimental and Emerging Languages
Open Research Tools and Technologies

How do we coordinate?