Now we are not using the Moose 5.1 from CI for development.
Still I expect the CI job to keep building a working image.

I just tried the latest image from the CI and I see no problem with cmd+g in the Playground.
In what pharo image are you loading Moose 5.1?


On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 1:19 PM, Serge Stinckwich <> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm using usually the last MOOSE 5.1 image available in the CI
throught Pharo Launcher.
Recent MOOSE 5.1 have problems. For example 3 CMD-G in a Playground
return a DNU, because String>>findAnySubStr: delimiters startingAt:
start has been renamed in Pharo 5.0 into
findAnySubStrinhg: delimiters startingAt: start

I guess I should not use these images anymore, but why they are build
on the CI ?

The MOOSE 5.1 image should be labelled as stable in Pharo Launcher also.

Serge Stinckwich
Every DSL ends up being Smalltalk
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