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Dear All,

Here is a preview of what we will demonstrate at ESUG. 

Best is to see it live try this:

b := RTBundleBuilder new.
b from: {TRObject. TRTest} using: #subclasses. 
b edges shape line color: Color black.
b bezier color: (Color blue alpha: 0.5).
b useBezierlineWith: #dependentClasses.
b build.
lb := RTLegendBuilder new.
lb view: b view; right.
lb addText: 'RTBundleBuilder: TRObject and TRTest subclasses'.
lb addColor: Color black text: 'Hierarchy'.
lb addColor: (Color r: 0 g: 120 b: 0 range: 255) text: 'Dependent classes'.
lb addColor: Color red text: 'Senders'.
lb build.
b view

A very short video is available on:

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