Hi Hernán, 

I am currently developing an addon for Moose Roassal to display customizable graphs that have the names of methods and attributes in the graph. I want to use it for various languages and applications. The example in the link contains for instance database tables (green). Not shown in this example are comments.

See http://www.smalltalkhub.com/#!/~RainerWinkler/RW-Moose-Diagram and https://github.com/RainerWinkler/Moose-Diagram/blob/master/README.md.

It is an early alpha version, but I use it regularly.

I invested most time in making the graph helpful for a developer not in improving the layout. But I plan to improve the layout. 

Best regards,

Von: "Hernán Morales Durand" <hernan.morales@gmail.com>
An: "Moose-related development" <moose-dev@list.inf.unibe.ch>
Datum: 09/30/16 05:53
Betreff: [Moose-dev] Call graph tool?

Any call graph generator out there?

I mean something where you can actually see selector names in the graph (without hover) like these:



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