Yes, I use it for LRP.

I instantiate a RoassalModel and then set the script, as below. Sometimes I redraw the entire visualization by sending the refresh message to the RoassalModel instance. I don’t do anything else, really (no idea what event and lastEvent is about). 

treeview := self instantiate: RoassalModel.
treeview script: [:view :canvas | self buildTreeOnView: view ].

On Feb 28, 2015, at 14:05, Peter Uhnák <> wrote:


apparently we broke MorphicRoassalAdapter when cleaning Spec, I attached a fix.

However my question is - does anybody (except us) actually use the Roassal2Spec package? Because otherwise we could clean it a bit. For example I'm not sure of the use case of script:/lastEvent:.

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