I am creating a C# extractor for Moose. I am using Fame for java to access Famix objects and populate their information (similar to VerveineJ). While creating Famix.Class objects for C# classes, I need to set parent namespace to represent the namespace that the class belongs to. 

However, the Famix.Class only provides a single method to set the parent and that take a Famix.Package as a parameter. So, the following expression is an error for a Famix.Class object.


Since, C# uses namespaces instead of Packages to organize classes, it would be good to set a Famix.Namespace to be the parent of a class. Does meta-model not provide a way that we can set Famix.Namespace as a parent of a class. I can see another method in the Famix.Class and that is SetContainer(ContainerEntity se). Can I use this method to set a Namespace to be the parent of a Class and keeping the parentPackage relationship empty?