According to what was agreed, the fixes for stable version of Moose 5.1 should be committed into the repository created for this purpose (Moose/Moose51) and they should not go in the main repo (moose/Glamour). Unfortunately, some fixes have been committed in the principal repository for fixing issue # 1126, which deviates from the agreed conventions and creates a parallel versions. The principal repository (Moose/Glamour) handles the development commits, the fixes for Moose version XY go to Moose/MooseXY and the stable version of the configuration loading the packages is updated (e.g., see 3.1.3-Moose51 in ConfigOfGlamourCore).

Inline image 1

In addition, the fixes should be referenced in the proper configuration dedicated for the fixed packages. Glamour-Morphic-Renderer is loaded by ConfigurationOfGlamourCore so ideally the fixes should have been loaded in the stable version of the config. The fixes are loaded by ConfigurationOfMagritteGlamourForPharo40 and it becomes very difficult to trace the origin of the package in the image.

Thank you for adhering to what was agreed on the mailing list.

Moreover, the fix creates an issue with embedding EditableDropListMorph in Tabulators but we will only be able to correct the error once we have resolved the problem of parallel commits and correctly loading them.