Hi everybody,

I investigated in more detail the issue of the annotation, and maybe I found the problem.

I searched in the JRuby sources for the text 'JRubyMethod' and I found it used as an annotation many times.
Here is an example (from the class: org.jruby.RubyZlib):

@JRubyMethod(name = "zlib_version", module = true, visibility = Visibility.PRIVATE)
    public static IRubyObject zlib_version(IRubyObject recv) {
        return ((RubyModule)recv).fastGetConstant("ZLIB_VERSION");

So, I supposed that probably somewhere (maybe in iPlasma, maybe in Moose) such complex annotations weren't correctly managed.

For this reason, I parsed the not-correctly-imported MSE file, and removed all the FAMIX.AnnotationInstance. After this operation, the resulting MSE file can be easily imported into Moose.

At this point, the next step should be finding the component which is not correctly handling those annotations. As I am not expert of Moose and iPlasma, I don't think I can help a lot more than this bug-report. In addition, for my needs I can just remove the FAMIX.AnnotationInstances.

However the script I created is not  fast at all... can I use the MSEParser to remove FAMIX.AnnotationInstance? Are there examples for such a thing?

Thank you,

2009/7/1 Alberto Bacchelli <alberto.bacchelli@usi.ch>
In addition, I saw that in the not-correctly-imported file, there are annotations like this:


        (id: 121052)
        (name 'JRubyMethod')
        (belongsTo (idref: 121050))
        (name '[]')

isn't it strange that those AnnotationIntances have more than one name?