2017-03-30 17:06 GMT+02:00 Stephan Eggermont <stephan@stack.nl>:

On 30/03/17 17:02, Thierry Goubier wrote:
> With Onil Goubier, we tried to publish a paper describing that > mechanism in Smalltalk in 1998, where the mechanism to establish > links between images was unified with the one storing the objects on > disk. It was rejected, but the reviews were encouraging. > > The main engineering difficulty we saw back then was GC-ing over that > thing.
Is that paper available somewhere?

I suspect I may have a backup of that on a Sun MD drive I haven't been able to read since at least mid-1998 :( So the answer is no.

But the core idea was simple: use proxy objects, and when you touch the proxy, either loads the object from disk or forward it a message over the network. Kind of what you would do on a distributed virtual shared memory implementation combined with persistent storage. Use a page-based mechanism for loading / unloading objects so as to reduce costs.

There is a guy in my lab working on DVSM; maybe that would be an interesting subject.



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