Hello moose developer!

First of all, thanks for the little meeting at Esug19!

One of the point during the meeting was: do we have documentation about the new features introduced in moose?
The answer is: YES!

It's still work in progress (as the work on Moose 8).
I'm trying to create a moose-wiki (as https://github.com/pharo-open-documentation/pharo-wiki).
You can find it here: https://moosetechnology.github.io/moose-wiki/ (web version) and here: https://github.com/moosetechnology/moose-wiki (github version).

Most of the documentation come from themoosebook and https://github.com/SquareBracketAssociates/Booklet-FamixNG and part of the documentation are new.

I'm also trying to collect all the famix parsers (to create mse files) we have and the meta-models.
I think we can also create links to great moose-projects (not directly in a moose image but you can load it in moose (like FAST)).
I also create linked to blog posts that describes the protocol to analyze projects with moose (as https://fuhrmanator.github.io/2019/07/29/AnalyzingJavaWithMoose.html)
If you have one, please send me an email ;-)

BenoƮt Verhaeghe
PHD student at: RMoD - Inria Lille - Nord Europe
R&D developer at Berger-Levrault - France