I have written a bunch of GTInspector extensions and I would like to get error handling under control.

I have errors occuring in a few different contexts such as:

- Running gtInspectorFooIn: method
- Running display: block for a view
- Running column:evaluated: block for a table

and at the moment the symptoms are quite different e.g. Debugger dialog or big red morphic error box.

How do other people handle errors in their views?

I feel like there are two approaches that would be ideal at different times. The "user friendly" way would be to flag errors and keep them out of the way -- e.g. skip views that error, skip table rows/columns/cells that error, etc. The "developer friendly" way would be to hit the debugger as early as possible in order to make a fix.

Thoughts / tips / links welcome :)

-Luke (still having a great time hacking inspector extensions)