Glamorous Toolkit has evolved quite a bit over the past months, and we now would like to announce that we reached alpha.2 version. It runs on top of Pharo 7:

There quite a number of new things. Some highlights are:

- We added extensive documentation for GT, Bloc and Brick. By running "GtWorld openTour” you essentially transform the image into an elaborate wiki.

- We worked on Coder, a new set of tools that are dedicated for affecting code. For example, in the picture below we see an editor on embedded examples that can be edited and run independently.

And this one shows how we can visualize and edit the result of querying.

Just a note: To make Coder work the way we want, we extended Brick with several widgets, and enhanced significantly the linear and grid layouts.

- We added the first version of xdoc in order to serialize the Playground every time you evaluate something.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback.

Have fun,
The feenk team



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