BTW this work was presented by Dennis Schenk during MooseDay this week in Bern. Look for an example here:

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Le 6 avr. 2013 à 13:55, Serge Stinckwich <> a écrit :

What kind of data analysis you want to do ? You should have a look at quicksilver a very nice framework for data visualization based on hierarchic graphs:!/~Quicksilver/Quicksilver

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Le 6 avr. 2013 à 12:52, badja <> a écrit :

I'm trying to use Moose as a framework for data analysis - i.e. beyond code
analysis.  It happens to be for system development, in particular project

I have downloaded Pharo 2.0, and added Moose 2.8

I've created an FM3 model (based on the pattern for the library meta-model
described in to create a new FM3
package called Kleio.  This meta-model is specific to my data domain, and is
defined in terms of FM3.Class, FM3.Property, etc.

How do I import this meta-model into Moose?

One possible entry point is the Moose Panel MSE Model Import, but this fails
as the FM3 classes are not in the model - i.e. this function imports models,
not meta-models.

Another possible entry point is the Moose Meta Browser - but unlike say the
PetitParser Browser, the Meta Browser does not include an "add" interface

Any suggestions please.


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