I already said that to you. I think that the solution is to introduced a new class in the hierarchy just below FamixSourcedEntity. Let call it FamixNonAssociationEntity. The Associations obviously won’t inherit from it but all the other sourced entity yes. And each time you are expecting a FamixSourcedEntity, I am sure that in fact you are expecting a FamixNonAssociationEntity. It is this FamixNonAssociationEntity that implements TEntityMetaLevelDependency.

It is really more realistic like this.

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On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 3:03 PM, Nicolas Anquetil
<> wrote:

it is generally a bad idea to use inheritance for reuse instead of
subtyping. It is a sure recipe to future problems.

So what you are proposing would work (for example inheriting methods and
overriding them to raise errors), but it is a hack that will hit back
whoever maintains the code in a few years/months.

I very strongly vote against your proposition. We need to think harder and
longer to find an appropriate solution that will both respect the "real
nature" of things (it does not make sense to ask a comment or an association

In the past we had problems with relations made to entities that were not
the right one (for example using references for the worng thing).


Is there still no alternative proposition?

Again, today I got bitten by the fact that all FAMIXEntity subclasses
do not have the same API regarding Moose Query.
I though that Moose-Query was a framework designed to simplified and
uniformize the gathering of the associations inside a Moose model.

Let's take an example: I have a class A. A children selector of A
returns instances of FAMIXSourcedEntity thanks to the containment tree
defined through the #container pragma. To the children of class A, I
need to ask the possible incomingAssociationTypes and
outgoingAssociationTypes. But, since FAMIXSourcedEntity does not
implement TEntityMetaLevelDependency (else the associations would have
it too), the Moose-Query algorithm does not works.

How should I manage the children that are FAMIXSourcedEntity? What should I do?

Why shouldn't we ensure that associations understand the navigation queries?
They already understand #children, #atScope:, #toScope:, #comments and
these associations should not understand neither of those methods.
However, they are in the current Moose version.
So, why shouldn't we add #queryAllIncoming, #queryAllOutgoing and the
other methods of Moose-Query whose goal is to uniformize the entities?


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