I don't know exactly what are your problems but if it is to create really high level visualizations with lot of interactivity, Telescope is definitely the good tool to use.

That was my understanding so I wanted to look at it. But without any documentation it was hard for me to even begin.
Usman Bhatti posted in another thread link to a Telescope paper, so I'll read it tomorrow and hopefully it will give me a little bit of insight.

If your problem is about visualization but not yet managed by Telescope; ask me and I will look at it.

Well we have already heavily invested in Roassal and this is not going to change, since we are continuing to work even on quite low level stuff (like bendable lines, elements resizing, attach points, ...).

But I wanted to see, if Telescope could help us with some high-level abstractions, which are currently quite painful for us. I even started implementing some Eclipse GEF ideas...

So I'll read the paper and I'll see...