I very much like these enhancements.

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 11:00 AM, Alexandre Bergel <alexandre.bergel@me.com> wrote:

We did a number of improvements of Grapher for Thomas. I am sharing them since some of you may find it relevant.

*** Tip: need to shift the Y-axis ***

b := RTGrapher new.
ds := RTStackedDataSet new. 
ds barShape color: Color red. 
ds points: #(5 1 20 8).
b add: ds.
b axisX noLabel; noTick. b axisY noDecimal.
I REALLY like the noDecimal option!

Is there a way to set the colors differently for above/below the shifted y axis?  Above is green (no issues); below is red (issues).  Or, depending on what is being discussed, the exact opposite?