Indeed, I did not receive your post before (but my subscription to the list may specify weekly update ???)

So first congrats again for your achievement

Second, about the error:

The difficulty of "parsing" any source code is not really in the parsing itself (grammar, building AST, etc.) , but in resolving the identifiers (when one sees an identifier used somewhere, one must guess what it is and where it is defined, for example several methods with the same name may exist, and one has to find the right one that is called at this moment)

For this, verveineC uses CDT, eclipse's plugin for C/C++

But this is difficult for CDT to always guess what entity a name refers to

To improve things a bit, VerveineC makes 2 passes, first pass to define all entities, 2nd pass to record the references to all entities (access to variables, method calls, uses of classes, ...)
This is what
  "!MESSAGE recording variables declared type and methods/functions return type"
means, it is in the 2nd pass, try to record uses of types, either as the type of a declared variable, or as the return type of a method/function.

But even with that, it is still a tough task. Sometimes VerveineC finds a name that it does not know what it is, so it must guess. In your case, at some earlier time it guessed that a given name was a function, but now it sees that it is used to declare a variable or a function/method and deduces it is a type.
So it tries to cast the entity to a type but it was declared earlier as a function and the cast fails.

The 1st solution is to look more precisely at the code you were trying to parse to understand what happened exactly:

A second more generic solution would be to avoid crashing and do something more intelligent, may be like ignoring the use of this type at this point ? And warn the user that it could not resolve that name ?


On 24/06/2018 18:37, smallglt wrote:
I just got the extractor to run! (Though it logged an error.)

I don't know what was different, except that I updated my Eclipse
installation before building and installing VerveineC this time around.

As sample code I chose the source for gawk v4.1.2, partly because I know my
way around it somewhat.

When I ran the extractor script the output looked okay up until I got an
error message like this:
!ENTRY verveine.extractor.Cpp 1 0 2018-06-24 12:14:41.206
!MESSAGE recording variables declared type and methods/functions return type

!ENTRY org.eclipse.osgi 4 0 2018-06-24 12:14:41.268
!MESSAGE Application error
java.lang.ClassCastException: eu.synectique.verveine.core.gen.famix.Function
cannot be cast to eu.synectique.verveine.core.gen.famix.Type
The vertical ellipsis indicates that I left out the rest of the long

I've uploaded the entire log so you can have a look at it: <>  

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