The situation is like this:
PetitParser depends on Glamour
Glamour depends on GlamourCore
GlamourCore contains Brick which is still very much changing these days
At the same time, GlamourCore already exists in the Pharo image (because of GT)

The problem is that if you load PetitParser, the newer packages of GlamourCore do not get loaded for some reason and this leads to the mentioned issues. I do not know how to solve this actually, and I could use some help.


On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 2:02 PM, Johan Fabry <> wrote:
Hi all,

just to notify that in today’s Pharo 40461 doing a ConfigurationOfPetitParser loadDevelopment leads to a broken image: red morphs of death appear in already open windows and opening the spotter gives a DNU GLMBrick>>widthBlock It would be cool if some knowledgeable person had a look at this, thanks :-)


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