You can try with the moose-suite provided here:
I build a model from Merlin. Then export and import it. Normaly you should not be able to open a SystemComplexity view.

Should the property be annoted with 'fame' pragmas, or is it better to modify the exporter to take into account the current used pragmas (<property:longName:description:>) ?

2010/10/19 Tudor Girba <>
Hi Cyrille,

I cannot reproduce that. Could you send a small sample MSE, or at least point to which model you try?

In any case, the exporter does not export the properties that are just marked with <property:longName:description:> pragmas, although it would be nice if it would do so. 


On 19 Oct 2010, at 10:49, Cyrille Delaunay wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a smalltalk moose-model, for which I can display SystemComplexity. All work fine. Then I export it as MSE and then import it from the MSE file. When I try to reopen System-complexity all seem to be broken (I have a red square).
> Does that means that the model is not well exported ? Maybe some required properties are not described by correct FAame-Pragmas, and are therefore not exported ?
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