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On 02/03/2015 12:34, Tudor Girba wrote:
I really think that going that road companies like synectique will simply
have to fork (in fact they probably already have) and we will all lose.

Synectique chooses to play an opaque game, which is Ok. I have no access either to the ways decisions are being made inside or even to the needs the company has. And I won't spend much time guessing either.


it seems to me an unfair comment to make about us.
As far as I know, companies do not routinely allow people outside of the company, to have access to the decisions being made.

I just stated a simple fact as a reply to a request to take into consideration something that is internal in the mentioned company. That is all. And I also explicitly said that I have no problem with this. Also, anyway, the context of the discussion was about technical decisions, such as forking, and not of other nature.

But I actually believe you would find this rather uninteresting, as  discussions are currently about whether we should we call back prospect X or try to meet with potential prospect Y ?
There is no technical discussion in our meetings because this is not where the heart of the problem.
This year "running"(somehow) the company taught me that it is very little about how you do things, but rather how you present it.
Our problems are not what we could or should do with Moose, but rather how we are going to pay the salaries until the end of the year, which means how we are going to find clients.

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