I am trying to add an update event in GLMMorphicRoassalRenderer so that when the pane containing the roassal visualization is sent an update event, the corresponding roassal visualization is redrawn (please see: http://code.google.com/p/moose-technology/issues/detail?id=808).

Now, I can trigger painting block of the GLMRoassalPresentation but there are some missing entities and the layout not being applied properly.Please find attached to this mail my code for GLMMorphicRoassalRenderer class to trigger the update event. Can you please see what is missing in my code that does not allow proper rendering of roassal visualization?

You can use this code to test the updated rendering feature:

| browser startNumber |
browser := GLMTabulator withStatusbar.
startNumber := 1.
browser column: #one.
browser transmit to: #one; andShow: [ :a |
a roassal 
title: 'Numbers in Roassal';
painting: [:view :number |
view shape label.
view interaction 
on: ROMouseClick do:  [ :event |  
ROFocusView new on: event element view: view raw ].
view nodes: (startNumber to: number).
view edgesFrom: [:each | each // 5 ].
self halt.
view treeLayout.
view addMenu: 'Refresh' callBack: [ :stack | startNumber := 10. (browser paneNamed: #one) update ].
browser openOn: 42