I am trying to create a new shape, an edge, in Roassal 3D between two entities. My idea is to draw an edge from the position vector of a source shape to the position vector of a target. The edge is created but not at the correct position, it might be due to the fact that I need to set the position of the edge shape or mismatch between position in Roassal and OpenGL. Can you please have a look?

Attached with this mail my proposition for the shape that works with the following script.

|el1 el2 els el3| 
view := R3View new.
view camera translateLeft: -2; translateBackward:3.
el1 := (R3CubeShape new color: Color green) element.
el2 := (R3CubeShape new color: Color red) element.
el3 := (R3CubeShape new color: Color cyan) element.
els := { el1. el2. el3 }.
view add: (R3EdgeShape new from: el2; to: el3; size: 1; color: Color blue) element.
view addAll: els.
R3XLineLayout on: els.
view addInteraction: R3MouseControl new.
view open.