what I would like is to be able to tell #separateWindows to glamour, and it would open several windows instead of panes in one window.

With panes, you often need to go back three or more panes back and this breaks the flow of thoughts.

also resizing panes is not easy


On 25/02/2018 10:18, Tudor Girba wrote:

A while ago, I put together an initial version of a Moose Playground.

I noticed since a while a couple of things:
- I often need the inspector, and not only Moose Finder.
- I start from different places: sometimes a Moose model, sometimes a file, or sometimes a script.

So, the idea of the new arrangement is to offer a single entry point to multiple workflows. To this end, right now we have a playground that has three tabs:

- a regular one for a Pharo script:

- a list of models and a way to import like those from the Moose Panel

- the current directory for quick entry into the file system

I have been using it since a while and it seems to work quite well. Please let me know what you think.



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