I could present TaskIT of course, but i don't feel it matching in the proposed categories. There is not debugging, nor emerging minimalist language nor research tools. I will check on the other rooms to see if i find a place where i can do it.

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That is great. We should post in all of them if possible.
I think that Steven could show object centric debugging, someone (anne maybe? ) present moose. and for minimalistic experimental emerging languages carolina could propose candle and the bootstrap processes.
I think that Steven and Carolina talks are mature enough after all the trials, and a moose talk could be really cool. Maybe Julien's SQL or Benoit's translations should be really good for catching potential students and specially some investment capital for the team :).

Sadly me i don't have much to show :(.
But if we have the stand i plan to be there.

I could do a presentation of Pharo in the minimalist…. and carolina a talk showing how to bootstrap.

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I do not know in which one we want to participate 

Debugging Tools
Minimalistic, Experimental and Emerging Languages
Open Research Tools and Technologies

How do we coordinate?