Le 28/12/15 15:10, Alexandre Bergel a écrit :

I have no idea. Maybe something related to Nativeboost. 
If you use a pre-Spur image and VM you will not have any problem.

I am really wondering whether having Spur for Pharo 5 is such a good idea.
It is because esteban worked 4 months to get a new FFI.
And we all want to get 35% speed up and a system running faster than VisualWorks.
Soon we will have a 64 bits.
Now we did not get the resources to do a Pharo50 without Spur and 6.0 with Spur
(it could have been better but get a Pharo version cleaned takes at least two months).
We would have love to be able to go faster but this is not the case.