2015-06-16 13:40 GMT+02:00 stephan <stephan@stack.nl>:

On 16-06-15 13:25, Thierry Goubier wrote:
Is that just my imagination, or we just discussed recently on another thread how unwise it was to rely on #stable in a dependency in a configuration?

You're fully correct of course. The configuration of NeoJSON only knows
#stable, and might not need more. I can imagine JSON to be a fairly
stable specification, and as long as no there is no API change (or only
added functionality) it can be made to work.

Does that mean that we could characterize NeoJSON #stable as being at version 1.0.X, and the only possible evolutions are 1.0.Y versions (unless we see a major extension of the JSON format ...) ?

(In which case #stable on NeoJSON would be equivalent to '1.0.[*?]' for Metacello)

((I don't remember the special character for Metacello versions: *, ?, &?))


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