Having a spell checker would be fantastic… Any chance to have this?


On Aug 29, 2016, at 4:41 PM, Tudor Girba <tudor@tudorgirba.com> wrote:


I updated the Pillar support in GTInspector. Some of the extensions already exist in the default Pillar #development version. If you want to play with the full support, you can load it like this:

Gofer new
smalltalkhubUser: 'Moose' project: 'PetitParser';
package: 'PetitAnalyzer';
package: 'PetitIndent';
package: 'PetitIslands';
smalltalkhubUser: 'Moose' project: 'GToolkit';
package: 'GT-InspectorExtensions-Pillar';

Then you can just inspect a book folder and you get this:


I did not integrate this in the main Pillar yet because this is an older implementation based on a limited island parser. As now Pillar has a full parser based on PetitParser, the next step is to move the highlighting logic to use this parser instead of the island parser. From my measurements, the speed of the two parsers is about the same, so from a user perspective there will be not much changes.

It pains me that we are editing Pillar in outside tools, and now we should no longer have to do that. Of course, this is not the most ideal tool support for Pillar but I think it is a reasonable start.



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