We are improving the distribution customization points. Now we can give a title for distributionMap and subclasses.

We want to change the fill color of a linear distribution by default it is grey and we want to be able to let the user specify the color. 
How do we parameterize the linearFillColor below so that it represents various variation

LinearDistributionMap>>renderElementsFrom: node on: view
view interaction menuMorphBlock: [ :element | element mooseMenuMorph ].
view shape rectangle
size: 10;
linearFillColor: [ :e | elementsAndPropertyValue at: e ] within: elementsAndPropertyValue keys;
borderColor: self baseColor.
view nodes: (self orderElementsFor: node)

We saw that we can call linearRedFillColor: anObject within: aGroup
 instead of linearFillColor: [ :e | elementsAndPropertyValue at: e ] within: elementsAndPropertyValue keys;

but we would like to say specify a base color and that the distributionmap uses this color as a reference. 

"self packageVersionMap"
| dm |
dm := (LinearDistributionMap 
onContainers: (model allModelPackages) 
elements: #classes 
properties: [ :cl | cl parentPackage numberOfVersions]).
dm title: 'Package Versions'.
***> dm baseColor: Color red.
dm render. 
dm open.

and obtain the attached figure but without having to use at our level (distribution map) linearRedFillColor:

So alex would it be possible that we pass the highColor for a linearFill?

Stef and Ussman coding close the fireplace :)

 Screen shot 2011-11-08 at 4.02.43 PM.png