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Subject: [Moose-dev] About numberofLines of code






It seems totalNumberOfLinesOfCode disappeared from FamixTypeGroup recently. 


Indeed. I removed it because it was a duplication of numberOfLinesOfCode.


Now I wonder if the new implementation is correct because it would be nice to take into account class definition size.


MooseAbstractGroup >> numberOfLinesOfCode

            <MSEProperty: #numberOfLinesOfCode type: #Number>

            <MSEComment: 'The number of classes in the model'>

            ^ self

                        lookUpPropertyNamed: #numberOfLinesOfCode

                        computedAs: [ self allMethods sum: #numberOfLinesOfCode ]


What do you think?


That it is only for Smalltalk because with do not have this problem in Java. I do not even think that in Smalltalk the class definition is represented in the moose model by an entity.

I have no time to check it now.


If you want to specialize it, it should be language dependent.









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