Found the answer: The double quotes were actually the problem, I just forgot how to escape the single quotes (with additional single quotes):

(FAMIX.PrimitiveType (id: 101)
(name '''')

Now it works. 

On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 10:23, Dennis Schenk <> wrote:

In Moose 4.6 I load a simple MSE for my tests in the following way:

loadIntoMoose: methodName
| model |
model := (MooseModel root entityNamed: methodName).
(model) notNil ifTrue: [^ model].
model := MooseModel new.
model name: methodName.
model importFromMSEStream: (ReadStream on: (self perform: methodName)).
model install.
^ model

Where self perfom: methodName returns the MSE as String.

This fails in Moose 4.7 in cacheMooseGroups here:


<navigation: 'All primitive types'>
^(self allWithType: FAMIXPrimitiveType) sorted: [:a :b | a name < b name]; yourself

There are three primitive types, but their names are nil.

The peculiar thing is, if I load the MSE file in the Moose Panel manually it works (same content in the file and in the string!) and I can explore the three primitive types. They are (in the MSE):

(FAMIX.PrimitiveType (id: 38)
(name "_unknown_file.void")
(FAMIX.PrimitiveType (id: 101)
(name "")
(FAMIX.PrimitiveType (id: 121)
(name "_unknown_file.boolean")

The only difference between the MSE file and the String I return is that in the File ' are used and in the String " are used. 

So in the MSE file:

(FAMIX.PrimitiveType (id: 38)
(name '_unknown_file.void')

The String that I return in the method:

(FAMIX.PrimitiveType (id: 38)
(name "_unknown_file.void")

Is this a problem? Does anyone have an explanation for this behavior? Is there maybe a better way to load moose models for tests?

If anyone wants to look at the code, it is available here:

        location: ''
        user: ''
        password: ''