Yes it could be a good a test. Instead of generating FAMIXEntities in java and then exporting them as mse (that's what is doing Verveine currently), The idea would be to directly build our entities in the smalltalk image ?

2010/9/3 Tudor Girba <>

That is nice indeed. Cyrille, would it be difficult to use this as a testbed for the JNIPort, given that you can control the Java code as well?

One idea would be to not have to go through MSE, but to directly read the from the Java objects.


On 3 Sep 2010, at 11:04, Nicolas Anquetil wrote:


there is a new Java to MSE exporter called Verveine

Can be found at:

Currently it only generates:
- packages entities (Namespace)
- class entities
- method
- parameters
- attributes
- method invocation

But it is not very difficult to add new information if one understands
AST visiting.

Verveine is based on JDT (batch).
There is a shell script in the root directory of the
project to run it on a java directory

I can provide help to augment it although I don't have time now to do
much on it (back to school next monday)


On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 10:37 PM, Stéphane Ducasse
<> wrote:
or vervein.


On Sep 1, 2010, at 10:12 PM, Tudor Girba wrote:


Like Simon said, this information is available neither in FAMIX nor in the Java exporter. I am pretty sure that the parser produces the AST information, but I think that the MEMORIA meta-model (this is the meta-model of inFusion) does not capture this info. Let us know if you find something.

Perhaps another idea is to use an AST yourself, for example, produced by srcML, or by PetitJava.


On 1 Sep 2010, at 19:41, Felipe Ignacio Valverde Campos wrote:

Meanwhile i'm waiting the response of the inFusion people.

El mié, 01-09-2010 a las 15:22 +0200, Simon Denier escribió:

On 31 août 2010, at 19:08, Felipe Ignacio Valverde Campos wrote:

Hi, how can i get the invoked methods into the try{...}/catch{...} ?
and LOC, attributes, etc... from those codes

Hi Felipe

For now, with a Java model imported with inFusion, you can get the
list of exceptions caught/thrown in a method, but I don't think you
get the java block structure of "try/catch". It would be pretty easy
to add such a FAMIX.JavaBlock entity (not to be confused with a
Smalltalk block) and define metric/query on this class.

But first, some Java importer needs to handle this case.

It helps to understand your problem if you give more information about
your goal. So, what you are trying to do?


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