I enhanced Glamour with a first version of a Watcher browser that offers a behavior similar to Quick Preview on Mac.

For example, if you run the code below in a Moose image, and then press Ctrl+Shift+Space you will get a preview of source code in a window floating above the current one. See the attachment.

| browser |
browser := GLMTabulator new.
browser column: #methods.
browser transmit to: #methods; andShow: [:a | a list display: #methods; format: #selector ].
browser transmit from: #methods; toWatcher; andShow: [:a | 
a smalltalkCode
smalltalkClass: [ :method | method methodClass ];
display: [:method | method getSource ] ].
browser openOn: GLMBrowser 

To get it 100% useable I would need help with some Morphic magic:
- to make the Watcher window not appear in the taskbar
- to make the rendering of Watcher happen in another thread so that it does not block the current UI



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